From the practical experience, we know that many Vietnamese professors, doctors who have high knowledge and high professional qualifications. However, the responding of equipments, facilities and medical solutions are limited. Every year, Vietnamese patients have to spend a lot of money and time going to hospitals and clinics overseas. HQ therefore is built in order to bring advanced technologies and new application, supply the best medical equipments in the world to Vietnam.

Every year, a lot of new medical methods are applied for diagnosis and treatment. We have regular organized events and workshops to recommend these new methods to Vietnamese people. The program has strong participation of professors and doctors in Vietnam and over the world. They have chance to share their knowledge and experience together.

Notably,  we also support and invest to health care centre, assit to national medical systems, provide planning consultancy service and assist to search for capital, etc...with our knowledge and experience which we have through programmes such as Government's investment project, ODA external capital project, etc..

After 5 years of development, HQ has achieved considerable success. We have opportunity to work with more new partners, the long-term partners who enhance our success together.
We always try our best to complete ourself, to respond customers’ expectation. We hope that we can build a good healthy future together.



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