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As a Vietnamese enterprise, we are proud of our country's history, people and we were honored to be an enterprise in a wealthy country.

From the practical experience, we know that many Vietnamese professors, doctors who have high knowledge and high professional qualifications. However, the responding of equipments, facilities and medical solutions are limited. Every year, Vietnamese patients have to spend a lot of money and time going to hospitals and clinics overseas. HQ therefore is built in order to bring advanced technologies and new application, supply the best medical equipments in the world to Vietnam.

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Tái tạo dây chằng chéo với vít PULLUP

Vít PULLUP - Vít treo ngược tự điều chỉnh chiều dài Hãng sản xuất: SBM S.A.S - France PULLUP® is an adjustable juxtacortical fixation device providing strength, adaptability and reproducibility for ACL reconstructions.


BỘT XƯƠNG SINH HỌC NANOGEL HÃNG SẢN XUẤT :TEKNIMED- FRANCE NANOGEL® bone substitute comes in the form of an apatite gel designed to replace bone with an osteoconductive material. NANOGEL® is a material designed to fill bone defects that are not intrinsic to bone stability. It is simple to place NANOGEL® percutaneously, enabling the surgeon to use it in closed site filling indications. NANOGEL® is gradually resorbed and replaced by bone during the remodelling process.

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